Work is Hard

The other day I was in the lucky position of being able to work from home during the summer holidays to keep an eye on the kids.  However everything went sideways and a major incident involving printing and other crisis kind of ruined my plans.  Later that day I was talking to the kids about the fact work sometimes is like this and sometimes you just have to put the effort into get the job done.  However I also pointed out I’m lucky in that I work in an office, not a factory or a mine and so my definition of hard work is miles away from others.

Today I was talking to a colleague about how busy it is at the moment.  Within my immediate team we are down on resource to resignation and holidays and were also going through major business change.  Now I don’t actually mind being on my own, I’ve been used to that in my last two roles.  While I have had a team  I was the on,y one in my role and so it’s all on you.  In my current role that’s not the case and it makes it difficult at times mainly because sharing information isn’t critical until  it, that person isn’t there.

So back to my point, as we were talking I mentioned that I don’t mind being this stretched  and do like it in some dark way.  However after working for 12 hours for a few days, a thank you wouldn’t hurt.  To which he replied, that’s why you get paid.    This struck me, and he is right, that’s why I get paid a salary that at times I feel awkward about, and reminded me of this clip from Mad Men when Peggy is complaining about he lack of credit, god I miss that show.

Do I feel any less stretched, no! However has it remind me that that’s why it’s called work.

Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them – Ann Landers


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