What Level Are You At

I recently had a telephone interview for a technical role and a question that I was asked really threw me, what level do you think you are at technically with this product. Now this is an interesting one as I don’t come from a development background, and while I like tinkering haven’t ever previously had that inclination to be one either. However I am certified in the administration of the product and so I think that puts you at a reasonable level of competency, but then we can all pass exams.

At the end I went around a 5/6 as I think I can hold my own on the day to day work within the tool but also have a really strong product knowledge and know how it hangs together and also how to apply it in the real world, but there are also people that can create whole new front ends and applications within the product.

I have a follow up interview next week which is to test my technical level and so this week I am trying to go through my skills and see if I can develop them to another level.

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