Travel Regrets

Around 10-15 years ago (shoot time flys) I spent some time working in europe, working in Dublin, Copenhagen, Strasbourg, and Geneva. Something I regret is not visiting more, or any of these places.

I think it was mainly due to then fact I was in these places on my own, and felt conscious of going out on my own and sitting in a restaurant on my own.

I do remember being in Geneva and the hotel I was stopping in had a casino, and visiting this with a work colleague. I remember we couldn’t afford with any credibility the minimum bet and decided to just have a look and a drink. What happened next was awesome and made me wish I’d paid attention to learning languages at school. Yasser who I was with ordered the drinks,and then dropped into French for the next 20 minutes talking to the waitress, I’ve no idea what was said but we didn’t pay for a drink. Yasser was the most amazing guy, he was from Morocco, grew up in Holland, worked in Belgium and could speak every language. A few years later I watched as he dropped into Russian, a language he had learnt because he had a few months feee at university.

As I have got older I have got braver and ventured out more, and tried to open my mind more. I went to Belfast last year and had the most amazing night in a bar that probably couldn’t be recreated if I tried. Over the last few weeks I’ve been in London with work and have been trying to venture out more to try and push myself more.

However I do regret that couple of years when I was travelling that I didn’t see more of the city’s I visited.

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