Switching Off

We have just come out of the August Bank Holiday in the UK, and I felt more refreshed in those 3 days than I did in my week away a few weeks ago.  I think there are a couple of factors this and its probably a sign that something is wrong.

When I was away, I made the mistake of checking in to my email, why!  Like the rule of nothing good happens after 2am, nothing good comes from checking your email.  I’m not going to have an email in my work account telling me I have won the lottery, or got a promotion.   So I made that mistake, see things with no context and generally wind myself up.

Where as the long bank holiday means also everyone else is in that position, and so there is no email, no crap & politics and so you do shut of and recharge.

This has made me think a little more about having more structure to my week to allow me to recharge more.   I am trying to get myself moving more to help shift some weight, which while I want to get running again, I need to just move.   Also I want to try and do some personal development, so looking to set a side a night a week to do this.   As this development focuses around some development work, this will be a mix of work stuff as well.   Which as I benefit from I dont mind, but I am also making the point of not doing day to day work, email etc, that stuff can stay during the day.  

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