Reply All Storm

We all have those situations where everyone does a reply all to an email, constantly flooding your inbox. This is normally worse when you have been away on holiday or out of the office. So imagine the situation at Microsoft currently where over 11,000 people were caught on a reply all storm.

Business Insider reports that following someone changing the setting on the corporate GitHub account, everyone who had access received an email. People then started doing a reply all to that email, making the situation worse. Some people asked to be removed, others poked fun and others did a reply all asking people to stop doing a reply all.

This reminded me a little of a situation years ago, when a company I was at had a spate of large scale emails asking for things raking from Head Ache Tablets, to can you vote for my cousin who is a DJ at an awards. Consider it was a global company, this was far spread, until an email came from the HR department insisting it stop.

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