Remote Meetings

The company I work for has made a large investment in Skype over the last couple of years and this has been really beneficial in allowing people to not have to travel so much and still actively collaborate. There is the issue though where everyone in one place bar that one person who has joined via Skype and inevitably has technical issues but all considered it works really well.

This does mean though that people don’t consider the value of face to face meetings or courtesy when people travel for them.

An ex colleague arranged for a meeting which two people travelled 100+ miles to, only for him to decide to visit the office they are based at and the meeting over Skype. Last week I traveled to London for what I expected to be 2 days of meeting with said meetings taking a total of 2.5hrs! While the next 6 weeks will involve me visiting London a fair bit I have a new set of guidelines before I travel

  1. The meeting should be at least 3 hours
  2. The meeting technically or politically won’t benefit from being held over Skype

Not exact guidelines but I think this will challenge the instances of where I travel when Skype would be fine.

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