Odd Ipad issue

For the last 6 months or so I have been running on my iPad Air 2 the iOS beta’s. I have had no issues in this time, and the odd thing I have experienced has been minor. This weekend I updated to the latest version of the beta and for 48 hours had no issues. However Monday morning I picked up my iPad where it had been on standby, and found a major issue.

All the app icons had disappeared and the entire screen looked corrupted. I then noticed that my email accounts had gone and I had lost WIFI. Later that evening I set about trying to resolve this and struggled.

Things I tried included, resetting the iPad, wiping the iPad, doing a recover and restore. While they would initially recover the Ipad after 30 minutes it would degrade again.

I was getting frustrated and debating what to do next. I then found an article that showed me how to install an older firmware manually. This involved downloading an ipsw file, which is an Apple image file. Once this was done I had to go through the usual restore process via ITunes BUT rather than do a normal restore I had to hold shift when selecting the restore option. This allowed you to select the file. Afer around 30minutes this completed, iPad rebooted and my iPad looked good.

A day later the Ipad is working fine with no issues. One thing that I did do though was setup the iPad as a new install just in case there was any corruption in the iCloud backup. This is a bit of a pain, but it’s gov e me a chance to clear out the Ipad.

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