Legacy or walk away?

Just over a year ago I started a new job, and there were two things that made me take the job.  One it’s working for an organisation that helps people that are at risk and need help, so a chance to help contribute to making a difference was a big thing.  The second being that there was a lot of disruption within the IT function and it was a chance to put this right, and I was looking for a challenge.

I’ve been lucky in my career that I’ve not really had issues with internal politics, a bit of moaning but not that bad. However over the last few months this has been an issue.

The organisation I work for merged and we have two teams that are different styles trying to work together, I say trying, I am not so sure.   There are weekly clashes on policy and approach and it’s draining to feel everyday there is some new “battle” awaiting you.

When I mean battle it’s things like someone has changed how a system works but haven’t considered the other organisation, or a major decision has been made with no consideration of anything.  Even when you flag things it’s ignored.

It’s as that point where I think enough is enough, and it maybe time to move on. There’s an opportunity to shape the future but then I think have I the energy for another 12 months of politics.

However I then think what would you like to leave behind? Now this isn’t some ego thing, but I wouldn’t want to just walk away and things be no better than before.  I am two weeks from finishing a major service now project and want that to work.  So do I stay and get a couple of phases of development under my belt, however given I didn’t come into do this I am not so sure.

It’s all something I’m giving a lot of thought to and the next week will be crucial.

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