Grains of Sand

A few posts ago I was talking about the project that I am working on to relaunch our instance of Service Now.   Unfortunately an issue in the way that commutations would flow prevented any real progress and lost us 3 weeks.   This was a major kicker and lost us a lot of momentum.

We tried to pick this back up again, but due to people leaving and it being a popular time for holidays, its been hard to get it going again.  Work requests are piling up for day to day tasks, plus with the business going through a merger we are struggling for time to focus.

More and more work is coming in and means the older stuff is slipping to the back.  We are suffering from a real lack of steer and direction to help us priorities and its really sapping my energy at the moment.

An analogy I used the other day is that its like grains of sand, you add more and the older ones slip to the bottom, and don’t resurface. 

Truth be told we need time to sit and work this out but with resources thin we are not getting anyway.  Really not sure what the answer is at the moment, but its draining. 

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