Future of Retail – Ha!

On Friday I was shopping in a department store in Derby, I wont name them but the other week they announced 50 stores would be closing, putting at risk 4000 jobs.   

My wife had picked up a jumper and as I stood there and got thinking.  Remeber how a few years ago this was going to be the future of shopping with the introduction of the internet.

You would walk into a store, and have a smart mirror that would let you pick accessories to go with an outfit, or even let you see it in other colors.   Instead of a smart mirror, we walked the entire first floor looking for a normal mirror, not smart just a reflective surface!    
Its no wonder now that stores are struggling, if they cant even do the basics.

If you go into a high street store in the UK, the tills are probably backed up with customers.  However not for people buying things from the shops, but people returning things they had brought online.   Why not buy it online when you can have credit of up to £1000 buy the same top in every color and two sizes as well, and then just return the ones you dont want.

The fact that more stores haven’t introduced Amazon style click and collect boxes in stores just shows how slow they are to react but quick to complain that Amazon is destroying them.  Even a well known supermarket in the UK has a click and collect service, that lets you do a digital return but then you just throw the item into a secure bin.

Walking through the town today, 7 weeks from Christmas there must have been 10 shops in a small shopping center that had closed down.  Its no surprise, I think you would probably do better opening a shop to act as a postage point for people who work in the town, and then handle their returns for them.  Unfortunate for more big names will die, because they are not embracing technology or even thinking outside of what they have done before. 

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