Crazy Ideas

I’m a big fan of the Simpsons, and recently Sky in the UK have been showing them in order from the first series. It makes you appreciate how long it’s been on but also how good some of the early stuff is. The more recent series have been a little unmeroable, although there is one that sticks out.

This is the episode where Elon Musk visits Springfield and automates the Nuclear Power plant. However my favourite part of this episode is that Homer becomes his Muse and his ramblings or homerisms in a car journey trigger inspiration.

This got me thinking what crazy ideas I could come up with that could be real products.

Window wipers that refill from rain water, why do they always run out of water at the wrong time.

Artificial intelligence that knows I don’t want to hear Christmas songs when shuffle is on music in the middle of summer, or in fact any time other than December!!

A toaster that can charge your tablet or phone via wireless charging, must pop when charged. Imagine placing your device in that slot. (This probably would t be that hard with a wireless charger and the heating ripped out of a toaster)

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