Chrome Shortcut tips

Give a choice between the various browsers I will use Chrome. I find it more responsive, nicer to use and also the integration of plugins is so useful. The ability to sign in and maintain your history and bookmarks against multiple devices is really handy as well

There is though a whole world of shortcuts they you may not know about that add another level of awesomeness to Chrome. For example one I have found myself searching for is if you hold down CTRLand the – key it opens the last closed tab.

There is the situation where you may need to restart chrome but don’t want to close all the tabs you have open. There are two options, CTRL SHIFT D will save all your open tabs to a folder, if you then right click on the folder when your back in chrome it reopens the, for you. The other option if you can do this is in the address bar type chrome://restart. This Wil then close Chrome by reopen the tabs you had open.

These and may more tips can be found on this fast company article,

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