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Remote Meetings

The company I work for has made a large investment in Skype over the last couple of years and this has been really beneficial in allowing people to not have to travel so much and still actively collaborate. There is the issue though where everyone in one place bar that one person who has joined…

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Found this bridge while on a run

View this post on Instagram Decided to go for a run rather than sit in the hotel last night and thought this footbridge was impressive until I went up the stairs to the top! A post shared by John King (@jwking) on May 2, 2019 at 10:15am PDT

Reply All Storm

We all have those situations where everyone does a reply all to an email, constantly flooding your inbox. This is normally worse when you have been away on holiday or out of the office. So imagine the situation at Microsoft currently where over 11,000 people were caught on a reply all storm. Business Insider reports…

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First work trip to London this year today, and I didn’t get stuck in an accident or major delay for the first time in ages. Result!

2019 here we go

I was going to do a post on New Year’s Day, but 2019 has been a mixed bag already. Just before Christmas I started with a cold that turned into a horrible cough, which was so bad I got sent home from work as it was annoying everyone that much. I thought I had shaken…

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