Automated Testing

In my last role we used a couple of different tools to monitor an eCommerce website that we had to ensure the site was performing as expected both from a user point of view and also in line with SLA’s.  Some of the tests were basic tests that just measured the load time for certain pages, and if it took longer than a set period of time would alert.   Other tests we used would carry out a user journey, placing an order for a product and then checking out the basket.  
we experienced with the later in that products would go out of stock or the test account details would change, but generally this worked well.

With the recent Service Now project I have been working on we had concerns with that adding some extra functions would have to performance.   We wanted to measure the performance and as we added to the table for Categories and Subcategories to see if the load time reduced.  We have around 1800 people that use the application, not all the time, but boy do they tell you if something is slow. 

I debated using some of the tools I had used in the past, but with GDPR this wasn’t something I could do without a lot of paperwork.  So I decided to investigate the build in Automated Test tools within ServiceNow.  I was really surprised how within 3 steps, I could build a test that would be able to purchase and checkout a request for an Apple Ipad. 

Output from the test allowed me to see if was successful, with screen shots of the completed steps, and the time to complete the task.   There are options to change the browser type and OS, however I have just kept this as its default option, as I am not to hung up on this.

Its got me interested in some of the test frameworks out there and if there are any other tools we can use internally or I can even use in my own projects.

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