App of the Week –

My son recently introduced me to the mobile game, and its genius in its simplicity.  You are a black hole that you control by moving your finger around the screen.  As you eat people, cars, buildings and other objects you get bigger and bigger.  The main game is a race over 2 minutes to see who can eat the most things and score the most points.   

As with most games these days, the more you play you are rewarded with skins for your hole (sounds weird).  There are also other games as part of the app with last hole standing, as well as how much of the map you can eat in 2 minutes.  The game is add supported, but as usual can pay to remove these. There has also recently been an update that has added an extra 2 terrains to the game.  

One of the brilliant bits as well of this game is that you can create a game room, and then play anyone within Bluetooth range at the game.  I have quite enjoyed playing this with my son, but also had a few crafty games at work.  The performance doesn’t really lag and it plays quiet well.

What I didn’t know until writing this was that its also a browser based game and you play this on your desktop as well using a mouse/touchpad.

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