2019 here we go

I was going to do a post on New Year’s Day, but 2019 has been a mixed bag already. Just before Christmas I started with a cold that turned into a horrible cough, which was so bad I got sent home from work as it was annoying everyone that much.

I thought I had shaken this off, but on the 2nd Jan it came back with vengeance, keeping me awake all night with me ranging from shaking through cold to over heating. The complete attack on my body has resulted in viral conjunctivitis as well in my left eye.

A small thing but wasn’t what you want your new year to start with, is our washing machine broke at 9:20 on New Year’s Day. This is a couple of weeks after cancelling the support plan down, which was a bit pants. Then the new washer arrived on the 3rd with a dent in it!! So a 40mile round trip then took place to get a new washer, fighting the effects of the virus!

I’ve since had 4 people tell me that it’s bad luck to was on New Year’s Day.

Throw in a family member being admitted to hospital over Christmas and it’s all been a bit shit.

This isn’t how 2019 is meant to be, and today is the last day of any negativity. This is a reason I actually booked the 3 days after New Year’s Day off work, to let the grey clouds clear.

2018 felt like a wasted year, work wasn’t great with lots of change and disruption. Health wise, I really pilled a lot of weight on, I wasn’t light before but but with a very satanic job and little exercise, it got worse. This led to some real defeated thoughts, nothing serious but I generally am not someone who quits or gives up easy, but a couple of times I was driving to work and thought I can’t keep,doing this.

So I am turning 40 in May, I’m not dealing in 2nd best anymore and I’m going to take the last year before we move into the next decade. To use a phrase I heard on a podcast earlier today, I am going to take some souls this year.

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