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First work trip to London this year today, and I didn’t get stuck in an accident or major delay for the first time in ages. Result!

2019 here we go

I was going to do a post on New Year’s Day, but 2019 has been a mixed bag already. Just before Christmas I started with a cold that turned into a horrible cough, which was so bad I got sent home from work as it was annoying everyone that much. I thought I had shaken…

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Travel Regrets

Around 10-15 years ago (shoot time flys) I spent some time working in europe, working in Dublin, Copenhagen, Strasbourg, and Geneva. Something I regret is not visiting more, or any of these places. I think it was mainly due to then fact I was in these places on my own, and felt conscious of going…

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Wise Words – Yoda

After a situation at work today, where an individual became very desperate I was reflecting on how they possibly got themselves into such a mental state.   Considering the fact that there is an assimilation process which may or will likely lead to departures its been getting a bit fraught.    Not 100%  why but I…

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