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Rhodes 2006

Currently letting google photos import a load of old photos. This is #Rhodes in 2006! #seaview #holiday A post shared by John King (@jwking) on Jul 15, 2018 at 10:43am PDT

Pac Man Design

I was Listening to a podcast recently (App Stories) and the topic was game design and the different approaches. One game they were discussing was Pac-Man. The point being that Pac-Man is so simple it doesn’t tell you how to play the game, you learn this as you play. You may choose to eat all…

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Data Accuracy

One of the big challenges that we have faced with the Service Now project has been the data within the system. Due to the way that it has been setup there is no accurate single source of information. Normally you would pull the data in from somewhere like Active Directoy, however while this has been…

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What I am working on currently

So the idea of starting this site as well as to be a stream of consciousness, is also to share some of the projects I am involved in, things I create either myself or through the day job. It occurred to me today that I am currently leading on a major relaunch of our ITSM…

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Chrome Shortcut tips

Give a choice between the various browsers I will use Chrome. I find it more responsive, nicer to use and also the integration of plugins is so useful. The ability to sign in and maintain your history and bookmarks against multiple devices is really handy as well There is though a whole world of shortcuts…

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Odd Ipad issue

For the last 6 months or so I have been running on my iPad Air 2 the iOS beta’s. I have had no issues in this time, and the odd thing I have experienced has been minor. This weekend I updated to the latest version of the beta and for 48 hours had no issues.…

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Digital Note Taking

I’m starting again on an experiment to see if I can move completely digital with notes and to stop using paper. I don’t think I will completely remove paper d making notes in a book. Sometimes it’s not appropriate and also at times it feels slicker to just use a Pen and paper. I had…

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This site is a place for me to put my thoughts on life, techno and sport. There will be things that interest me and also make me laugh. I’m not expecting to update this a lot but my plan is it will help me improve my thought process and how I write these to help…

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