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Grains of Sand

A few posts ago I was talking about the project that I am working on to relaunch our instance of Service Now.   Unfortunately an issue in the way that commutations would flow prevented any real progress and lost us 3 weeks.   This was a major kicker and lost us a lot of momentum. We tried…

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Work is Hard

The other day I was in the lucky position of being able to work from home during the summer holidays to keep an eye on the kids.  However everything went sideways and a major incident involving printing and other crisis kind of ruined my plans.  Later that day I was talking to the kids about…

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Crazy Ideas

I’m a big fan of the Simpsons, and recently Sky in the UK have been showing them in order from the first series. It makes you appreciate how long it’s been on but also how good some of the early stuff is. The more recent series have been a little unmeroable, although there is one…

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Rhodes 2006

Currently letting google photos import a load of old photos. This is #Rhodes in 2006! #seaview #holiday A post shared by John King (@jwking) on Jul 15, 2018 at 10:43am PDT

Pac Man Design

I was Listening to a podcast recently (App Stories) and the topic was game design and the different approaches. One game they were discussing was Pac-Man. The point being that Pac-Man is so simple it doesn’t tell you how to play the game, you learn this as you play. You may choose to eat all…

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Data Accuracy

One of the big challenges that we have faced with the Service Now project has been the data within the system. Due to the way that it has been setup there is no accurate single source of information. Normally you would pull the data in from somewhere like Active Directoy, however while this has been…

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