Reply All Storm

We all have those situations where everyone does a reply all to an email, constantly flooding your inbox. This is normally worse when you have been away on holiday or out of the office. So imagine the situation at Microsoft currently where over 11,000 people were caught on a reply all storm.

Business Insider reports that following someone changing the setting on the corporate GitHub account, everyone who had access received an email. People then started doing a reply all to that email, making the situation worse. Some people asked to be removed, others poked fun and others did a reply all asking people to stop doing a reply all.

This reminded me a little of a situation years ago, when a company I was at had a spate of large scale emails asking for things raking from Head Ache Tablets, to can you vote for my cousin who is a DJ at an awards. Consider it was a global company, this was far spread, until an email came from the HR department insisting it stop.

Controlling what you cant

There are still a lot of things going on at work that are causing confusion, uncertainty and negativity. Some of this is valid and some of this just radiates like a crack in Ice. I need to adjust my mindset and this is helped by the fact there is a tight deadline to deliver a project, but its a bit up hill at the minute. Ive been trying to find a mantra or a quote to hold onto for the next few weeks.

2019 here we go

I was going to do a post on New Year’s Day, but 2019 has been a mixed bag already. Just before Christmas I started with a cold that turned into a horrible cough, which was so bad I got sent home from work as it was annoying everyone that much.

I thought I had shaken this off, but on the 2nd Jan it came back with vengeance, keeping me awake all night with me ranging from shaking through cold to over heating. The complete attack on my body has resulted in viral conjunctivitis as well in my left eye.

A small thing but wasn’t what you want your new year to start with, is our washing machine broke at 9:20 on New Year’s Day. This is a couple of weeks after cancelling the support plan down, which was a bit pants. Then the new washer arrived on the 3rd with a dent in it!! So a 40mile round trip then took place to get a new washer, fighting the effects of the virus!

I’ve since had 4 people tell me that it’s bad luck to was on New Year’s Day.

Throw in a family member being admitted to hospital over Christmas and it’s all been a bit shit.

This isn’t how 2019 is meant to be, and today is the last day of any negativity. This is a reason I actually booked the 3 days after New Year’s Day off work, to let the grey clouds clear.

2018 felt like a wasted year, work wasn’t great with lots of change and disruption. Health wise, I really pilled a lot of weight on, I wasn’t light before but but with a very satanic job and little exercise, it got worse. This led to some real defeated thoughts, nothing serious but I generally am not someone who quits or gives up easy, but a couple of times I was driving to work and thought I can’t keep,doing this.

So I am turning 40 in May, I’m not dealing in 2nd best anymore and I’m going to take the last year before we move into the next decade. To use a phrase I heard on a podcast earlier today, I am going to take some souls this year.

Travel Regrets

Around 10-15 years ago (shoot time flys) I spent some time working in europe, working in Dublin, Copenhagen, Strasbourg, and Geneva. Something I regret is not visiting more, or any of these places.

I think it was mainly due to then fact I was in these places on my own, and felt conscious of going out on my own and sitting in a restaurant on my own.

I do remember being in Geneva and the hotel I was stopping in had a casino, and visiting this with a work colleague. I remember we couldn’t afford with any credibility the minimum bet and decided to just have a look and a drink. What happened next was awesome and made me wish I’d paid attention to learning languages at school. Yasser who I was with ordered the drinks,and then dropped into French for the next 20 minutes talking to the waitress, I’ve no idea what was said but we didn’t pay for a drink. Yasser was the most amazing guy, he was from Morocco, grew up in Holland, worked in Belgium and could speak every language. A few years later I watched as he dropped into Russian, a language he had learnt because he had a few months feee at university.

As I have got older I have got braver and ventured out more, and tried to open my mind more. I went to Belfast last year and had the most amazing night in a bar that probably couldn’t be recreated if I tried. Over the last few weeks I’ve been in London with work and have been trying to venture out more to try and push myself more.

However I do regret that couple of years when I was travelling that I didn’t see more of the city’s I visited.

Automated Testing

In my last role we used a couple of different tools to monitor an eCommerce website that we had to ensure the site was performing as expected both from a user point of view and also in line with SLA’s.  Some of the tests were basic tests that just measured the load time for certain pages, and if it took longer than a set period of time would alert.   Other tests we used would carry out a user journey, placing an order for a product and then checking out the basket.  
we experienced with the later in that products would go out of stock or the test account details would change, but generally this worked well.

With the recent Service Now project I have been working on we had concerns with that adding some extra functions would have to performance.   We wanted to measure the performance and as we added to the table for Categories and Subcategories to see if the load time reduced.  We have around 1800 people that use the application, not all the time, but boy do they tell you if something is slow. 

I debated using some of the tools I had used in the past, but with GDPR this wasn’t something I could do without a lot of paperwork.  So I decided to investigate the build in Automated Test tools within ServiceNow.  I was really surprised how within 3 steps, I could build a test that would be able to purchase and checkout a request for an Apple Ipad. 

Output from the test allowed me to see if was successful, with screen shots of the completed steps, and the time to complete the task.   There are options to change the browser type and OS, however I have just kept this as its default option, as I am not to hung up on this.

Its got me interested in some of the test frameworks out there and if there are any other tools we can use internally or I can even use in my own projects.

Wise Words – Yoda

After a situation at work today, where an individual became very desperate I was reflecting on how they possibly got themselves into such a mental state.   Considering the fact that there is an assimilation process which may or will likely lead to departures its been getting a bit fraught.   

Not 100%  why but I thought about this clip from Yoda.

  • Fear of people losing, jobs or income or anything leads to them becoming anger.
  • The anger is then vented either internally or externally
  • They either suffer or others suffer

Future of Retail – Ha!

On Friday I was shopping in a department store in Derby, I wont name them but the other week they announced 50 stores would be closing, putting at risk 4000 jobs.   

My wife had picked up a jumper and as I stood there and got thinking.  Remeber how a few years ago this was going to be the future of shopping with the introduction of the internet.

You would walk into a store, and have a smart mirror that would let you pick accessories to go with an outfit, or even let you see it in other colors.   Instead of a smart mirror, we walked the entire first floor looking for a normal mirror, not smart just a reflective surface!    
Its no wonder now that stores are struggling, if they cant even do the basics.

If you go into a high street store in the UK, the tills are probably backed up with customers.  However not for people buying things from the shops, but people returning things they had brought online.   Why not buy it online when you can have credit of up to £1000 buy the same top in every color and two sizes as well, and then just return the ones you dont want.

The fact that more stores haven’t introduced Amazon style click and collect boxes in stores just shows how slow they are to react but quick to complain that Amazon is destroying them.  Even a well known supermarket in the UK has a click and collect service, that lets you do a digital return but then you just throw the item into a secure bin.

Walking through the town today, 7 weeks from Christmas there must have been 10 shops in a small shopping center that had closed down.  Its no surprise, I think you would probably do better opening a shop to act as a postage point for people who work in the town, and then handle their returns for them.  Unfortunate for more big names will die, because they are not embracing technology or even thinking outside of what they have done before. 

Legacy or walk away?

Just over a year ago I started a new job, and there were two things that made me take the job.  One it’s working for an organisation that helps people that are at risk and need help, so a chance to help contribute to making a difference was a big thing.  The second being that there was a lot of disruption within the IT function and it was a chance to put this right, and I was looking for a challenge.

I’ve been lucky in my career that I’ve not really had issues with internal politics, a bit of moaning but not that bad. However over the last few months this has been an issue.

The organisation I work for merged and we have two teams that are different styles trying to work together, I say trying, I am not so sure.   There are weekly clashes on policy and approach and it’s draining to feel everyday there is some new “battle” awaiting you.

When I mean battle it’s things like someone has changed how a system works but haven’t considered the other organisation, or a major decision has been made with no consideration of anything.  Even when you flag things it’s ignored.

It’s as that point where I think enough is enough, and it maybe time to move on. There’s an opportunity to shape the future but then I think have I the energy for another 12 months of politics.

However I then think what would you like to leave behind? Now this isn’t some ego thing, but I wouldn’t want to just walk away and things be no better than before.  I am two weeks from finishing a major service now project and want that to work.  So do I stay and get a couple of phases of development under my belt, however given I didn’t come into do this I am not so sure.

It’s all something I’m giving a lot of thought to and the next week will be crucial.