Betting on yourself

As mentioned in my last post, I had become unhappy in my role and this was starting to affect me more than I liked. It has got to the point where I was dreading going into the office as felt there was going to be some sort of drama or grenade I would have to deal with.

Simple things had become a battle and it had just started to suck away at me. So having given it a lot of thought I handed my 4 weeks notice in and leave by a job with currently nothing else lined up.

I’ve had lots of calls and emails and currently waiting to hear back on a few things but at the moment on the 24th of August unemployed which is q scary thought with a family to support. However, sometimes you have to believe in yourself because if you don’t then why should anyone else.

When I’ve got some distance ill probably post about my last 2 years, but also maybe won’t. However, I will post on here more over the coming weeks on my job hunt.

Should work be work?

Due to a variety of factors I have been looking around the job market for the last few months. During this time I have sent myself slightly mad.

Some roles were not right due to the location, I’ve done long commutes and have found recently due to roadworks and number of vehicles on the roads take twice as long as they used to. So ideally don’t want an extra 1.5 hours either side of my work day.

There are then roles that I have dropped out of the process on as I didn’t feel excited by the role or the challenge. I want there to be something that makes me want to sit in-front of a laptop each day I want some Fun! This resulted in a point by wife that it’s work and not meant to be fun. I disagree, when I say fun I don’t mean clowns and office yoga. What I mean is enjoyment and finding satisfaction in what I’m doing.

I’m lucky that in this role and my last role I have till been able to be involved in technology and some really interesting projects and this is what I want. I don’t really want a role that sits between two grey lines

So is it wrong to want work not to be work?


I was in London with work last week and having had to get back from Twickenham to central London, couldn’t face another rammed train. Having checked the maps it was 20min by Tube or a 30min walk. As it had stopped raining I decided to take a walk back which I found quite relaxing, although probably annoyed people taking photos